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Although the anterior cruciate ligament is the most common ligament injury, other ligaments of the knee can also be injured. In some cases, several of the main ligaments of the knee need to be treated. This is called a multiligament knee injury. They are generally a consequence of high-energy trauma and entail, to a greater or lesser extent, some functional sequelae. Experience both in surgical treatment and in the field of research has led Dr. Gelber to a outstanding management of these injuries. The types of injuries can vary greatly, and that is why detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the knee is necessary for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. His prior training as an anatomist means Dr. Gelber can manage such complex injuries more accurately and effectively.

Even more so, these injuries must be treated and approached in a completely individualized manner, since otherwise they can lead to failures that will further disable the patient. Accordingly, the same torn ligament may need different treatment approaches, according to multiple factors such as patient’s age, functional requets, general health and associated injuries.

Posterior cruciate ligament injuries

Isolated posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries requiring surgical reconstruction are not very common. In general, they are associated with injuries to other structures. In patients with high functional demand, reconstruction using a double bundle technique may be convenient, although each case must be individualized.


Rehabilitation of PCL injuries tends to be more conservative and slower compared to those of the anterior cruciate ligament. It is essential that the patient understands the entire process well to recover as much knee function as possible.

During the initial phases, the continued use of a specific dynamic knee orthosis for PCL injuries is considered essential. An example is the M.4s® PCL dynamic knee pad.


Rehabilitation protocols for posterior cruciate ligament injuries can be separated into phases and, although similar, they are not the same in cases of conservative (non-surgical) treatment as after surgical reconstruction of the ligament. You can download both protocols at the following links:

Collateral ligament injuries

Dr. Gelber is also a recognized world specialist in the treatment of collateral ligament injuries of the knee. Numerous scientific works and international presentations make him a reference in the field. These injuries are very variable. Then, a detailed clinical evaluation is required to achieve an accurate diagnosis. He has developed mini-open techniques for these injuries that allow better postoperative recovery with minimal aesthetic aggression. When the number of injured ligaments is high, some surgeons prefer to reconstruct them in 2 surgeries. However, reconstruction in one surgical procedure is Dr. Gelber’s preference.

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