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from abroad

Do you live in another country and planning to have a surgery in Barcelona with Dr. Gelber? 

We are pleased to provide the following complimentary service to enhance your travel and accommodation in Barcelona.

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Surgical assistance

It is not only about the day of surgery. To optimize results, all these aspects are considered:

  • Full time assistance from our Logistics and Nursing Manager.
  • Pre-surgical washing kit.
  • Application of Platelet Rich in Growing Factors Hy-Tissue PRP®, Fidia.
  • CPM machine K1-Standard for 14 days.
  • Active cold and compression system Cryopush for 14 days.
  • Post-surgical brace whenever necessary.
  • Crutches whenever necessary.
  • Postoperative care at ReSport Clinic Barcelona (optional at accommodation place).
  • Scheduling rehabilitation sessions at ReSport Clinic in Barcelona/Mataró/Castelldefels.
  • Remote medical assistance upon return home.
  • Remote nursing assistance upon return home.
  • Remote rehabilitation guidance upon return home.

Logistical assistance

To alleviate any concerns you may have regarding your trip to Barcelona, your journey back home, and your post-operative recovery.

  • Financing service.
  • Transfer to and from the airport in executive cars.
  • Accommodation assistance for your stay in Barcelona.
  • Logistical assistance for patient companions.
  • Organization of wellness service for patient companions in the exclusive Regenera Clinic.
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For information on the complimentary premium package and logistics arrangements, please contact our Logistics and Nursing Manager, Aida Morreres, using the following form

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